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Genabackis was a continent where much of the plot in the first books of the Malazan Book of the Fallen series took place. It was one of the larger continents on the planet.

Quon Tali

Quon Tali was the home continent of the Malazan Empire. It was bounded to the south and west by the Horn Ocean. To the southeast lay Reacher's Ocean and to the east, the Falari and Bloor Seas. In the north lay the Ice Fields and to the northeast, the Colonnus Sea.

Seven Cities

Seven Cities was a sub-continent north of Quon Tali and west of Genabackis that had been conquered by the Malazan Empire. It was an ancient land, built upon the ruins of countless cities dating back to the First Empire. Hot, dry, and largely desert, its sands obscured forgotten pathways, hoarded power, and soaked up sorcery. Every foot of the land had been walked by Ascendants.


The continent of Lether (not to be confused with the Empire of Lether) was the setting for the novels Midnight Tides, Reaper's Gale, Dust of Dreams, and The Crippled God. It lay on the other side of the globe from the Malazan Empire.


The continent of Assail was situated between Genabackis and the Letherii continent. It was held to be the most dangerous and hostile part of the Malazan world.


Korel was the Malazan name for the continent to the south and east of Quon Tali. The continent was made up to two subcontinents: the Lands of Fist and Stratem.


The continent of Jacuruku was a small island-continent located south-west of Stratem and Korel, south of Quon Tali and Seven Cities and east of Lether. It was divided in two by the Gangrek Range, with deserts lying to the west and thick jungles to the east.